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关键词:产业集群   工程电气   产业集群转型   升级发展


Abstract: With the accelerated process of economic globalization, industry cluster has developed into a global trend of economic development and national economic carrier to enhance the comprehensive national strength and competitiveness eager to learn. China's industrial clusters born in the reform and opening up the early eighties, has become an important force in driving force for regional economic development.

    Economics, management theory, the use of a normative analysis and empirical analyzes of combining research methods in-depth analysis of the development of industrial clusters in Yangzhong City.

    The article analyzes the problems of the the the Yangzhong electrical industry cluster development, such as: scale advantages are more obvious, but the cluster edge is relatively weak, a relatively complete variety of electrical products, but industry profits are relatively low. At the same time make recommendations to address these issues, such as strengthening the concept of clusters play the role of government guidance, and innovative development ideas to achieve the harmony and common prosperity of the cluster.

Above proposals are put forward, trying to apply the theory of industrial clusters in the actual Yangzhong City to solve the practical problems of the development of industrial clusters in Yangzhong City Electric, provide a favorable theoretical support and the development of industrial clusters in Yangzhong City Electric.

Keywords:Industrial Clusters   Engineering Electrical   Industrial Cluster   Upgrading and Development