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Abstract:Warehouse is an essential part of Logistics systems. As a connecting node of sending and receiving goods, it can solve the problems like production and consumption in space, time and the variety, quantity and other issues. In modern logistics, warehouse is one of two functions, which means that companies wishing to promote the efficient operation of the logistics system to obtain high profits. So we must optimize warehouse management, as if a efficient supporter.

   On one hand, warehouse can provide convergence of the time difference between production and consumption, space difference, the provision of goods safekeeping, processing, distribution and other services. In this way, it can help companies to improve competitiveness and increase profits income. On the other hand, it is in a large proportion of business costs, if we not properly managed, it can cause huge losses. Facing the contradiction of ecological environment and social production, warehouse   management is also responsive to the green environmental protection requirements. It have to change into the green warehouse from traditional one. We can upgrate a warehouse by using The internet things, automation equipments and professional management systems.

Key word: warehouse, warehouse management, green warehouse, The internet of things