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Abstract:Santiago, who was created by the world famous American writer Ernst Hemingway, is a hero with many virtues in The Old Man and the Sea. He is old but brave, confident, able, and hopeful. His virtues are very precious for our young generation in the changing world. If we can learn something useful from old Santiago, our lives will be very different.

Keywords: bravery; confidence; belief; resolution; persistence


中文摘要:Santiago是美国著名作家Ernest Hemingway的作品《老人与海》的灵魂人物。Santiago所具有的勇敢、自信、坚持,以及不论任何情况都能充满希望与力量的坚强内心世界使其成为“不可战胜”的代言。对于成长在这个变幻莫测的摩登时代的我们来说,如果能拥有Santiago一样的坚强力量,无疑可以成为这个时代的中流砥柱,创造属于自己的崭新生活。

关键词:勇气; 自信; 信念; 决心; 坚持


   Nowadays, news on television and in magazines report that many people commit suicide. More and more people say that life is dangerous and difficult. It seems that we have gone back to the times when life was full of puzzlement, failure, loss, jealousy, worry, disappointment, and selfishness. Some people say that we are another “Lost Generation”. So now, the most important thing for us is not just to find a job, but we should also think about what kind of person we want to be and what kind of life we want to have. It also means we need to find our direction again. 

Thus, let us discuss this problem through a hero who was created by a world-famous American writer Ernest Hemingway.