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Abstract: The world lack of energy , solar energy as a clean energy has been  researched vigorously by the national. The solar cells convert the sun's light energy into electricity to be used and to be stored , which is currently the most efficient means of solar energy utilization . Absorbing layer of  the thin film solar cells made by semiconductor materials about CuInSe2 (CIS ) thin films that because its high efficiency , low-cost , stable performance take people's much attention . But CuInSe2 thin films of indium and selenium is toxic and not readily available , so this article to consider use CuAlSi film alternative CuInSe2 thin films to fabricate solar cells . In the article describes the preparation of CuAlSi film by using the three target magnetron sputtering and crystallization processing CuAlSi film by rapid thermal annealing equipment (RTP).Use X-ray diffraction equipment study the the film after crystallization and to generate the XRD patterns . Study the diffraction peaks in the XRD patterns have a preliminary understanding of the crystal structure of CuAlSi.Use jade software and FindIt software of inorganic crystal structure database to find the right CuAlSi structural model to simulate,and then use the MS the software to simulate the crystal structure of CuAlSi . And use density functional theory of first-principles to demonstrate the structure of the simulation.

Key Words:CuAlSi film;Solar cells ; crystal structure ; the MS simulation ; magnetron sputtering ;  XRD