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关键词:光子晶体 多孔氧化铝 溶胶—凝胶法 纳米ZnO


Abstract: The photonic crystal is a synthetic structure material,which has a periodic arrangement of two kinds of materials with different dielectric constant on one, two or three dimensions. In photonic crystal, the transmission of light with a certain wavelength is limited. Theoretically, through adjusting the prime parameters of the photonic crystal and limiting the transmission of light to a certain direction, we can accomplish the purpose of luminescence enhancement. On the Porous Anodized Alumina(PAA), nano-sized pores are arranged periodically, so the PAA is a perfect material to prepare a photonic crystal with a simple and easy technology.Zinc dioxide as a wide gap light-emitting semiconductor, is widely interested by researchers. We prepare ZnO colloid by sol-gel method, inject it into the nano-holes of PAA and form a ZnO/PAA compound electroluminescent device. This device has the advantage of easy production, low price and wide use. It has great application possibilities in the area of electro-luminescence and electro-photo-display.

  In this paper the basic concept and the development of photonic crystal, PAA and ZnO nano material are introduced and the process of the experiment is presented. Through the test of a sample XRD, indicates that it is The six crystal directionzinc oxide particles. Along with the  increasing of annealing temperature, nanometer ZnO particle size increases slowly; at 500 ℃-700℃ annealing, ZnO  crystal is better is better after 500 ℃, nanometer ZnO particle size and the annealing temperature in linear relation, and  increased with increasing annealing temperature increase.

Key words:Photonic Crystal, Porous Anodized Alumina(PAA), Sol-gel Method, Zinc dioxide(ZnO)