On Sino-Western Cultural Differences and Family Education.doc

In the process of spreading knowledge, school education has always been in a dominated position. But family education has an early characteristic, which affects children’s early intellectual development and future learning attitude, so it ...
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Cross Cultural Differences in the Translation of English and Chinese Idioms.doc

Therefore, in the inter-translation of Chinese and English idioms, it is necessary to have a good understanding of the Chinese and British cultures, which helps achieve better understanding. We will feel the cultures’ amazing information a...
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Taboo Numbers from Cross Cultural Communication Aspect in English and Chinese.doc

Taboos exist in people’s language and culture universally. On one hand, people are very careful of their words in order to avoid cultural conflicts, taboos are regarded as rude and offensive, and on the other hand, people also need to comm...
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A Cultural Study on American Sitcom Modern Family.doc

The general organization of the thesis is as follows: Firstly, the paper will give a background information of American sitcoms, then the relationship between sitcoms and culture will be presented, and lastly, cultural factors in modern fami...
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A Cultural Analysis of Numbers in English and Chinese.doc

In Chinese and Western cultures, different numbers can have different cultural colors. Different numbers have different meanings in different ways, reflecting differences in cultural backgrounds, religions, social customs, philosophies, and ...
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